Specialty Products:

Seam tape:
We guarantee our Seam sealing tapes! They are used worldwide for various applications including: waterproofing and air sealing of sewn seams. These tapes are applied quickly and are economically priced.

Pressure Sensitive Adhesive(PSA):
These products temporarily hold customer materials in place, and allow for permanent heat seal at later time. Using a combination of heat seal adhesives and PSA, customers can increase productivity by reduced handling of materials.

Reinforcing and splicing tapes:
Coating different fabrics and using thermoset plastics, SAF created a very strong reinforcing or splicing tape. This tape can be applied quickly, and lends itself to automated processes.

Label Tapes:
SAF produces various heat seal label tapes for product identification. These products are extremely durable and can withstand harsh conditions.

Industrial Mat Labels:
Our patented Industrial Mat Labels have become the standard of the industry. This product creates a permanent bond with Nitrile rubber, and as a rubber based product, shares in all of the positive qualities of rubber.

USA Flap:
A division of Specialty Adhesive, USA Flap offers an exciting line of high tech, patent-pending reflective mudflaps and safety wear. Click on the link to learn more or place an order!