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Specialty Adhesive Film Co Inc. is a leading manufacturer of heat seal adhesives for laminating, coating and bonding applications. We provide a wide assortment of specialized thermoplastic adhesive films with our extrusion and reverse roll coating processes. SAF adhesives bond to a wide series of substrates, ranging from metals and fabrics to polymer based materials.

Our name says it all..... we produce specialized products to meet your specific product requirements. Our solution-oriented approach helps find the correct adhesive for your application. SAF can create adhesives specifically for your application. With over 18 patents in the adhesive arena, we have a proven and successful ability to generate specialty adhesive films.

Our in-house lab provides ongoing testing and certificates of analysis. Customers work with our engineers to determine the best adhesive and bonding conditions for their application. Our processes utilize 100% solid materials. Production of 100% solids means we are protecting the environment, as well as reducing any out-gassing, storage and handling problems.

SAF's machines coat directly onto customer substrates or supplied release liners. Our machines generate web widths up to 58", and mils from .0005 to .010. Beta gauge monitoring and on-line trimming allow films to be produced to exacting specifications.

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